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    What’s the Best Five Year Fixed Rate?

    “What’s the best five year fixed rate?” – It’s the number one question from borrowers that contact us. While there’s more to consider with your mortgage than just rate, the rate is a starting point for many borrowers.

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  • Scotiabank

    Scotiabank Mortgage Renewal

    Do you have a Scotiabank mortgage coming up for renewal within the next 120 days?

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  • Bridgewater Bank

    Bridgewater Bank Mortgage Renewal

    Do you have a Bridgewater Bank mortgage coming up for renewal within the next 120 days?

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  • MCAP Mortgage

    MCAP Value-Flex Mortgage

    Your path to mortgage freedom begins with a low interest rate. The MCAP Value-Flex mortgage is ideal for borrowers who are rate sensitive and want to access mortgage privileges including early renewals, ports, and refinances with blended rates or the ability to payout early if they sell their property to a 3rd party purchaser.

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  • Bank of Canada

    Bank of Canada 2015 Interest Rate Announcement Schedule

    Each year The Bank of Canada has eight “fixed” or pre-specified dates for announcing any changes to the official interest rate it uses to implement monetary policy—the rate of interest it charges on short-term loans to financial institutions.

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  • Mortgage Renewal

    Tangerine Mortgage Renewal

    ING DIRECT has recently changed its name to Tangerine. The name change is the result of ING DIRECT’s sale by ING Groep to Scotiabank in 2012 and Tangerine continues to operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Scotiabank. Shortly after ING Direct was bought by Scotiabank their mortgage rates became far less competitive.

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Thank you very much for everything. It was a true pleasure dealing with you. Not only did you get us the best rate but you were extremely helpful & patient throughout the whole process. You were very quick to answer our many questions. I would certainly contact you in the future & recommend you to my friends and family.

I have and will continue to refer my clients to Scott and know they will be professionally looked after. Scott understands the stresses families undergo during the buying process and uses his experience to help guide his clients (and mine) from the beginning to key hand-off to after move in .

I have worked with Scott on a number of Real Estate transactions and he is simply one of the most astute and attentive mortgage advisers I know. He loves a challenge and loves to come up with outside-the-box solutions for homeowners looking to purchase or refinance their dream home. He’s one of the few professionals I know for whom I can comfortably say – He won’t let you down!