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Working with Scott was great, he made the process of finding a good mortgage option and rate really easy. We used to deal directly with my bank and always got the feeling that we probably weren’t getting the best deal but at the same time found it very time consuming to do all the shopping around. Working with Scott, we always got the feel that he was working for us and not somebody else, it really made putting our mortgage together a lot easier and stress free. We’ll definitely be using Scott for all future real estate transactions.

I have worked with Scott on a number of Real Estate transactions and he is simply one of the most astute and attentive mortgage advisers I know. He loves a challenge and loves to come up with outside-the-box solutions for homeowners looking to purchase or refinance their dream home. He’s one of the few professionals I know for whom I can comfortably say – He won’t let you down!

I’ve had the good fortune to work with Scott Dawson. He’s incredibly knowledgeable, sincere, patient and hardworking. Everytime I’ve called Scott, he’s dropped what he’s doing and he makes me feel like my call and what we’re discussing are the single most important thing to him, a quality that is not common with most people unfortunately. It’s no shock that he’s well known and respected throughout the industry and I would highly recommend Scott to anyone.