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There’s more ways to pay off your mortgage sooner than just making accelerated mortgage payments. If paying off your mortgage sooner sounds appealing, here’s 3 additional ways to save money on your mortgage.

Pre-Payment Privileges

By taking advantage of your mortgage pre-payment privileges, you can dramatically lower your total cost of home ownership. Find out in this video how you can cut years off your mortgage and save hundreds of thousands of dollars by making pre-payments.


Another way to save money on your mortgage is to adjust the amortization. This video shows that even making a small change to your amortization can have a huge impact on the interest you’ll pay over the life of your mortgage.

Rounding Up

Even small pre-payments can have a big impact on mortgage savings. In this video you’ll see an example of just how much money you can save simply by rounding up your regular mortgage payments.

Ready to Save Money?

Ready to pay off your mortgage sooner but want to know which strategy is best for you? Contact me for a no obligation consultation. I can review your current mortgage product and offer advise on which strategies are best suited to your mortgage and personal situation.