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4 Ways Mortgage Brokers Fail at Blogging | Scott Dawson
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So you’ve setup a blog. Now what? Here’s 4 ways mortgage brokers fail at blogging:

1) You Don’t Host Your Own Blog

I recommend using self hosted WordPress. Don’t even think of using something like Blogger, Tumblr, or whatever free solution you found online. You don’t even need to spend a fortune to have a WordPress site setup. There’s a ton of great inexpensive themes on Themeforest.

Also, make sure don’t use a cookie cutter website that your brokerage gives to all it’s agents either. It just makes you look like every other mortgage broker working for that company and if you ever change brokerages you loose what you’ve built. (We’re hiring by the way)

Own YOUR domain name and own YOUR content.

2) You Cut & Paste

Why would you spend the time and money just to cut and paste someone else’s website content on your blog word for word? You’re a mortgage professional right? Why would you want to pass off another experts opinion as your own? Become an expert. Give people quality ORIGINAL content and educate them about what mortgage brokers do.

People don’t want to come to your site to read The Globe & Mail, Financial Post, Canadian Mortgage Trends etc. They want to read what YOU have to say!

Add some of your own personalty to your blog posts and people will actually enjoy reading them. When people like what they read, they’ll share, +1, and leave comments. That’s what you want to happen when you publish a blog post. Give people a reason to do so.

It’s fine to QUOTE other sources in your blog posts, just be sure to add some of your own opinions to the post.

3) You Don’t Link to Others

There’s some great sources of information for Canadian mortgages online. If you’re quoting something from an article it’s common courtesy to give a link to the original article in your post. If you’re sharing the blog post later on Social Media it’s also a nice gesture to quote the original author by name if they are on that platform.

Give credit where credit is due.

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4) You Don’t Blog Often Enough

If you’ve gone to the time and effort to setup a blog and create original quality content make sure you stick with it. You by no means need to blog every day, but you should be at least be publishing something at least somewhat regularly. I stumble across far to many mortgage brokers websites who haven’t bothered to update their blogs for months! What do you think it says to a client when they see you haven’t put ANY effort into posting? The mortgage industry is constantly changing. Let your clients know it! If you aren’t willing to commit, don’t bother having a blog.

When starting out I’d recommend publishing something about once per week. If you blog more that’s great! Google and the other search engines will rank your website better if you post regular quality content.

For this blog, over the weekends I always get a post ready to have published by Monday morning. It’s usually a Mortgage Tip or a Rate Update. I find it helpful if I write down blog post ideas ahead of time. Then if I have bloggers block and can’t think of anything to write about over the weekend I have some ideas to fall back on.

Questions or Comments?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments or blogging tips and would also be happy to answer any blogging questions you have. Just leave a comment below or contact me directly.