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April 1, 2010 News Wrap | Scott Dawson
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Mortgage insurance is a pillar of Canada’s strong housing market

Mortgage insurance — policies that protect lenders in case of default — has revolutionized the Canadian housing market, experts say. For a relatively low premium, tacked onto the face value of a loan, buyers can own their home with as little as five per cent cash down payment. Read More

Tighter mortgage rules may lead to more cheating

Mortgage fraud may not be the most serious crime in the grand scheme of things, but it’s not something the government should be helping. But that’s exactly what real estate professionals say is a likely result of the new mortgage rules being put into place on April 19. Read More

Canadian dollar tops 99 cents

The Canadian dollar topped the 99-cent (U.S.) mark as oil prices rose and a stronger-than-expected economic report solidified expectations interest rates in Canada will climb before the United States moves its rate. Read More