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The Bank of Canada has been issuing bank notes since 1935 and periodically upgrades our currency by releasing a new series. The Bank of Canada today began circulating the new $100 bill – Canada’s first polymer bank note. This new note will be available at financial institutions from coast to coast to coast over the next few weeks.

The $100 note features a portrait of Sir Robert Borden, Prime Minister of Canada between 1911 and 1920, on the front and celebrates Canada’s contributions to innovation in the field of medicine on the back.

Below are some videos created by the Bank of Canada showcasing the design, production and distribution of Canada’s new notes.

What do you think of the new $100 note?

Research and Development

This is the first in a five-part series that looks at each step in the life cycle of a bank note.


The process of developing a new series of bank notes doesn’t happen in isolation. Find out how Canadians have a say in selecting the designs that make our bank notes uniquely Canadian.


It’s not a simple matter of starting the presses. With the introduction of longer-lasting polymer bank notes, the Bank of Canada is raising the bar on security and production quality. It’s also about meeting the demand for bank notes.


The Bank works with Canada’s financial institutions to maintain Canada’s supply of bank notes. Find out how your money flows from the printers all the way to your wallet.

A Greener Life

It’s a long way off, but our polymer notes will eventually become worn and need to be destroyed and replaced. Even as the first polymer notes enter circulation, the Bank is already looking ahead to the end of their life cycle and it’s a ‘green news story.’