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I was attending the BCREA Social Media seminar yesterday where the keynote speaker Tom Everitt of ThinkTom.com mentioned a great iPhone App that I thought was worth passing along.

If you’re like me, you probably receive a lot of business cards throughout the week. In the past I have been manually adding the important ones into my contacts but let’s face it most are sitting in a stack on my desk awaiting to be added.

This is where CardMunch comes in!

CardMunch is a free business card scanner that is available from the iTunes App Store [Download Link]

CardMunch works by using the iPhone camera to take a picture of a business card. When you then submit your business card scan it is transcribed, edited and reviewed by CardMunch workers to guarantee accuracy. They even crop the company logos from business cards!

Once a business card is scanned and submitted it takes about 5 minutes to be processed. It is then sent back to your iPhone and added directly to your iPhone address book or Exchange server if you have that setup on your iPhone.

CardMunch also offers 1 click LinkedIn integration. So if you’ve just scanned an important business card it’s easy to connect via LinkedIn with just one tap. Expanding your professional network has never been easier!

Best of all CardMunch is free!

Overview of CardMunch in 21 Seconds from CardMunch on Vimeo.