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Century-old Mercer Home in Chilliwack [Free] | Scott Dawson
(778) 668-9320 [email protected]

This 100-year-old heritage home in Chilliwack has just gone on the market. The asking price? Free.

But there’s a catch! The new owner of the property has to move the historic house off the property where it sits now and move it to your own lot.

The costs to move this historic home are estimated at upwards of $130,000 which would cover any permits, fees to move the home and utility lines along the route.

If the house isn’t sold by Feb. 1, says it will be “reclaimed” and the salvaged bricks and beams will be used to make things like park benches and walkways in future projects.

If you think you might be interested in learning more you can contact Pridy Bros. for information regarding acquiring and moving the house.