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CMP Mortgage Summit: Day 2 | Scott Dawson
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This years CMP Mortgage Summit that took place May 9th & 10th at the Toronto Congress Centre is now over. The two day event was Canada’s only independent business event committed to the development of the Canadian mortgage brokering industry. Next up is tonights Canadian Mortgage Awards ceremony where this years winners are to be announced.

While I wasn’t able to attend the conference this year, my Canadian Mortgage Hangout partners Rob Campbell, Gord McCallum and Jackson Middleton were on hand to Hangout during the conference and also live tweet the event with the #CMPMortgageSummit hashtag on Twitter.

If you missed the event too here are the live tweets curated from day 2 of the CMP Mortgage Summit. (You can also catch up on Day 1 here.)

CMP Mortgage Summit Day 2

CMP Mortgage Summit

Day 2

Storified by Scott Dawson· Fri, May 10 2013 11:05:13

Day 2 of #CMPMortgageSummit. Tired. So very tired.Rob Campbell
Drop by our booth this morning at 830am for your chance to win a $150 gift card! #cmpmortgagesummit @CMPmagazineHome Trust Mortgages
It’s not product vs product. It’s strategy vs no strategy. Via @GWilliamsonYYC #CMPmortgagesummitClaudio Santamaria
@RateHub_Canada … @MortgageTeacher We are happy you like them… 🙂 great job with the debate BTW #CMPmortgagesummitMichael Mullis
#CMPmortgagesummit looking like a good lineup of speakers todaystuartmackenzie
All packed for the awards tonight! #CMA13 #CMPmortgagesummit #cocktails #redcarpet @CMPmagazineAlicia Chin
@KiltedBroker @gordmccallum @MT_MikeMullis I’m expecting some updates from #CMPmortgagesummit 🙂 keep me in the loop guys!Alicia Chin
@alichin_2 @gordmccallum @MT_MikeMullis you are gonna be there right? #CMPmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
Good morning #cmpmortgagesummit!Raviele Vaccaro LLP
That’s @axiommike and @kiltedbroker at #cmpmortgagesummit instagram.com/p/ZIdImyNs22/Rob Campbell
Day 2 at the #CMPmortgagesummit about to start – looking forward to more useful informationClaudio Santamaria
And @axiommike is rocking out in his intro to some ACDC. All the old people are covering their ears! #CMPmortgagesummit awesome!Jackson Middleton
Next 45 mins is – Broker like a Rockstar. Wonder what @rockstarhomes would think about the session. #CMPmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
"Passion is the fuel that keeps you going through the tough days" #quote @axiommike #cmpmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
Great start to the day by @axiommike , putting a little fuel into our day! #CMPMortgageSummitRob Campbell
"Broker like a rock star" presentation #cmpmortgagesummitAllen CrippsDLC
Seriously, an old guys phone just rang, real loud *** During the Session *** he answered it and had a 5 min convo – #cmpmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
Beliefs drive behaviours, behaviours drive results #quote @axiommike #cmpmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
Remove your self-limiting beliefs. via @axiommike #CMPmortgagesummitMichelle Priest
What’s your value proposition? If you don’t know it. You can’t communicate it. You also have to belief it Via @axiommike #CMPmortgagesummitMichelle Priest
@axiommike’s talk on belief might actually help my 10k time this weekend. Lets go for a sub-50! #cmpmortgagesummitPaolo Di Petta
Stand out from your competition. Differentiate yourself via @axiommike #CMPmortgagesummitMichelle Priest
Next time someone’s phone rings – in conference – they will be required to sing "Im a Little Teapot" Actions Mandatory – #cmpmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
If there’s someone successful you admire and want to emulate, ask them how they do what they do then do it. @axiommike #CMPmortgagesummitMichelle Priest
Wishing @GoodeMortgages all the best for his part on stage at #cmpmortgagesummit! #homewithoutavoice 🙁 #sorrytomissVeronica Love-Alex..
Magic formula for success – "Do what you say you are going to do" @axiommike #cmpmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
To be successful simply do what you say you’re going to do. That’s it. @axiommike #CMPmortgagesummitMichelle Priest
"Most of our competition sucks. Standing out is easy, just suck less than your competition." – @axiommike #CMPmortgagesummitMichelle Priest
@KiltedBroker oh dear I misspelled believe #CMPmortgagesummitMichelle Priest
@MinrvaGroup @gordmccallum was great to connect with all of you at the #CMPmortgagesummit yesterday on #linkedinNicole German
In the absence of value, price is all you’ve got @axiommike #cmpmortgagesummitIngrid Menninga
If you don’t believe in the value that you offer, go work for nothing. Via @axiommike #CMPmortgagesummitMichelle Priest
"If you live by price, you are die by price – there is always someone who is gonna work for a nickel cheaper than you" #cmpmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
"If you live by price, you are die by price – there is always someone who is gonna work for a nickel cheaper than you" #cmpmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
‘In the absence of value price is all you’ve got.’ – In the presence of value price is still a factor. #CMPmortgagesummitMarc Crossman
Asking a broker "What is your best rate" is like asking a car salesman "What is the price of a car" #quote @axiommike #cmpmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
@axiommike next time use a red Ferrari will you. The yellow one looks like an Acura! #cmpmortgagesummitPhil Fiuza
Explain to yr client if you don’t exist the banks can charge the posted rate. You won’t be around for the bank to match #CMPmortgagesummitMichelle Priest
If you don’t believe in the value you provide your clients/customers, you will not be able to do business confidently. #CMPmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
Snarky commentary about speakers is usually my specialty, but @axiommike just has me nodding me head in agreement. #cmpmortgagesummitPaolo Di Petta
Set goals. Get knowledge. Take action. Action is the key! Via @axiommike #CMPmortgagesummitMichelle Priest
.@axiommike value proposition ow.ly/i/25f9r #CMPmortgagesummitMichelle Priest
Top 75 broker strategies at #CMPmortgagesummit pic.twitter.com/1h7rLTKwq7Katherine DiPastena
Gr8 Point @axiommike the HUGE value prop of Mtg Brokers is to show clients how to pay off their mortgage/get out of debt #cmpmortgagesummitIngrid Menninga
Mortgage Brokers can expect to close only 1 out of every 10 Commercial Mortgages – set your expectations accordingly. #cmpmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
Thanks for your attention. So much fun presenting to a good group!! #cmpmortgagesummitMichael Cameron
Where is #IMBA #CAAMP , why are they not at the #CMPmortgagesummit ?stuartmackenzie
"When you’re committed to your dream nothing else really matters." – William Santor #CMPmortgagesummitMichelle Priest
Great quote "Imagination in more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination… ow.ly/i/25gFr #CMPmortgagesummitMichelle Priest
It’s another packed house today on Day 2 of #CMPmortgagesummit pic.twitter.com/HCcR3cXuQzCMP Magazine
@ewenstmackenzie They were invited. Perhaps they will join us next year. #cmpmortgagesummitCMP Magazine
I have no idea what this guy is talking about. And I am being nice. #CMPmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
Agreed. His time is up but still going MT @KiltedBroker: I have no idea what this guy is talking about & I am being nice. #CMPmortgagesummitMichelle Priest
To all you #CMPmortgagesummit attendees,make sure you spare some energy for the party that is about to go down #CMA13 canadianmortgageawards.comCMP Magazine
@LiseMerle you would have a field day! It is incredible – #cmpmortgagesummit.Jackson Middleton
Life is a movie…directly well! #CMPmortgagesummitMarc Crossman
@ #cmpmortgagesummit Toronto . Break time. pic.twitter.com/ViHC44UdjlCeresBuilt
Always fun when hanging with a broker in a kilt @KiltedBroker #CMPmortgagesummit @CMPmagazine pic.twitter.com/yBtvF2756ZMichael Mullis
The announcer just let us know there will be no lunch available today because, wait for it… "We had lunch yesterday" #cmpmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
Entering a session on "Word of Mouth" Marketing – Top 5 Trends for 2013 – could be interesting! #cmpmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
92% of consumers worldwide trust recommendations from friends and family more than advertising 2012 #cmpmortgagesummit up from 74% in 2007Jackson Middleton
92% of consumers worldwide trust recommendations from friends and family more than advertising 2012 #cmpmortgagesummit up from 74% in 2007Jackson Middleton
Lol! MT @KiltedBroker: Announcer let us know there will be no lunch today bc, wait for it… "We had lunch yesterday" #cmpmortgagesummitMichelle Priest
Credibility drives word of mouth – #cmpmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
When you say the words "Trust Me" to your clients – People are actually less likely to actually trust you – #cmpmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
Today is #FunFriday at least that’s what one one the tweeters said . I’d love to be having fun at #cmpmortgagesummit . Next time .Andrea Weynschenk
Subtle Commentary here – In a session on "Word of Mouth" the forum assumed is online – when did that change get made? #cmpmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
Inconsistent marketing messages across the country for a national brand or industry will damage reputation #franchise #cmpmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
@andiWeynschenk we will have to make that happen! #cmpmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
If all you do is repeat or share existing media, you are not an influencer, you are a 3rd party conveyor of information #cmpmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
@andiWeynschenk It’s too bad you missed out this year but we will definitely be back next year! #cmpmortgagesummitCMP Magazine
Speaker just asked who could go a week without their smart phone… I take my phone to the bathroom with me, NO WAY. #cmpmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
@CMPmagazine @MinrvaGroup I am just a 3rd party conveyor of information here! lol, just having some fun – great event! #cmpmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
Coke is the most consumed liquid in the world, more than water – can you believe that? #cmpmortgagesummit Cause our society is nailing it!Jackson Middleton
Coke is the most consumed liquid in the world, more than water – can you believe that? #cmpmortgagesummit Cause our society is nailing it!Jackson Middleton
@JanKaterynych thanks, there have been some solid presentations, I love live tweeting events when there is good material #cmpmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
.@CMPmagazine all in all a good event. I’m disappointed my Twitter for Mortgage Brokers presentation got cut by 15 mins. #CMPmortgagesummitMichelle Priest
@CMPmagazine hey – are you at the event? You should come and say hi #cmpmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
Agree or disagree – contests and sweepstakes are word of mouth marketing? #cmpmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
I’m looking forward to @gordmccallum #CMPmortgagesummitMichelle Priest
Getting ready to hear @gordmccallum give the final Key Note Address – at the #cmpmortgagesummit -Jackson Middleton
Word of mouth marketing: contests, influence/blogger, online reviews, referral programs. #cmpmortgagesummitRaviele Vaccaro LLP
@MinrvaGroup Looks like this guy is going over time – has been given the cut, but is keepin on kepin on #cmpmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
Break a leg @gordmccallum #CMPmortgagesummitDarren Quilley
15 mins over is way too much @KiltedBroker: #cmpmortgagesummitMichelle Priest
.@KiltedBroker should we applaud him off? #CMPmortgagesummitMichelle Priest
If I hear one more speaker talk about the "New Coke" debacle…. #oldnews… #cmpmortgagesummitPaolo Di Petta
@MinrvaGroup He is showing a complete lack of respect #cmpmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
Hanging with @yousryb at #CMPMortgageSummit pic.twitter.com/oKm8gHo6FSRob Campbell
15 mins over – and now doing a draw! wow – sorry – this isn’t good! @CENTUM – lack of respect for other presenters #cmpmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
Taking the stage now is @gordmccallum – he looks good on stage – staring off by giving the folks at the #cmpmortgagesummit props #classyJackson Middleton
Yay! @gordmccallum is FINALLY on!!! #CMPmortgagesummitMichelle Priest
ROCK IT! @gordmccallum #CMPmortgagesummit pic.twitter.com/zznznzyaAzIngrid Menninga
Brokers are necessary from a consumer protection standpoint to keep the banks in line – providing low rates #cmpmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
We need to grow up – brokers need to adapt – our industry has to change @gordmccallum #cmpmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
New thinking from @gordmccallum #cmpmortgagesummit pic.twitter.com/B2BZSoVlqrKatherine DiPastena
We can’t just talk about increasing in professionalism, we need to actually make the changes – #cmpmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
Businesses don’t just need to take market share – they need to take market share profitably #cmpmortgagesummit Build companies with value!Jackson Middleton
There isn’t just one way to market. – chose what works for you! @gordmccallum #CMPmortgagesummitIngrid Menninga
3 Keys for Mortgage Industry to Thrive 1-Improved professionalism 2-Grow market share 3-Build companies that have value #CMPmortgagesummitMichelle Priest
The goal is to build a business that has value, that can be sold – #cmpmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
The goal should be to build a business that has an economy to scale – as you get bigger your costs should not increase #cmpmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
Don’t do everything! Do what you’re good at @gordmccallum #cmpmortgagesummitIngrid Menninga
The historic mortgage brokerage is just a check clearing house – paying the lions share to brokers – this is not good biz #cmpmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
"More isn’t better, better is better! – Economies of Scale don’t always apply" @gordmccallum @KiltedBroker #cmpmortgagesummitPaolo Di Petta
Better is better, not more. Via @gordmccallum #CMPmortgagesummitMichelle Priest
Better is Better – Better does not always mean more! #cmpmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
Brilliant! "If they come, they will build it." – @gordmccallum #CMPmortgagesummitMichelle Priest
Sometimes price is perception – mortgage brokers have to build a business with high perceived value #cmpmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
We need higher performance teams – not higher performance individuals #cmpmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
I’m seriously distracted by #cmpmortgagesummit updates in a good way . I probably should tell my clients I’m at a conf all day on #twitterAndrea Weynschenk
@KiltedBroker Incase I haven’t said this enough, thank you so much for the updates! #CMPmortgagesummitNick Bachusky
Need to build high performance team. Think of a Formula One pit crew-Imagine if one person had to do it all @gordmccallum #CMPmortgagesummitMichelle Priest
#teamwork gets stuff done! You can’t run a successful business alone #cmpmortgagesummitRaviele Vaccaro LLP
@Bachusky no worries Nick, we will have to hook up next #cmpmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
Build a gr8 team w ppl who specialize in the different areas to make your biz work. Focus on your strengths @gordmccallum #CMPmortgagesummitMichelle Priest
I highly recommend personality profiling your team and profiling yourself – do what you are best at doing #cmpmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
@KiltedBroker Absolutely! I will be at the next one 100% #cmpmortgagesummit Hopefully you have @therobcampbell in check.Nick Bachusky
Don’t be a marketer unless you’re really good at it. Be a mortgage specialist. Via @gordmccallum #CMPmortgagesummitMichelle Priest
If you aren’t really good at it – you probably shouldn’t be doing it professionally! #cmpmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
Mortgage brokers have modelled their advertising after REALTORS and that is not a good thing #cmpmortgagesummit @gordmccallumJackson Middleton
Traditional thinking – Broker as a marketerNew thinking – BROKERAGE as marketer (economies of scale) via @gordmccallum #CMPmortgagesummitMichelle Priest
Having an economy of scale is KEY to a successful business – necessary to comete long term in our industry #cmpmortgagesummit @gordmccallumJackson Middleton
Example of why you shouldn’t do your own marketing ow.ly/1W2XYa #CMPmortgagesummitMichelle Priest
Big companies buy small companies for cash – as long as they have value! #cmpmortgagesummit – doesn’t happen in Mortgages or Real EstateJackson Middleton
Cash flow businesses rarely have a transition out and are worth very little. #cmpmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
Weird… @KiltedBroker not all of your #CMPmortgagesummit tweets are showing up on my @hootsuite I’m missing good stuff by youMichelle Priest
Greg Williamson @gwilliamsonYYC is right when he says "the lead is the power" via @gordmccallum #cmpmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
Your business/brokerage needs to stop thinking bigger bigger bigger & start thinking profit profit profit #cmpmortgagesummit @gordmccallumJackson Middleton
Profitability allows businesses to build assets – which gives your business VALUE #cmpmortgagesummit @gordmccallumJackson Middleton
If you’ve attended the #cmpmortgagesummit &filled out a ballot @ our booth make sure to follow/like on T,FB or IN to find out if you’ve won!Raviele Vaccaro LLP
If you can’t sell your business or have an exit plan – you don’t have a business, you have a job #cmpmortgagesummit @gordmccallumJackson Middleton
"Websites that drive leads are an asset. Companies that are the center of influence are an asset." @gordmccallum #CMPmortgagesummitMichelle Priest
Yes! MT @KiltedBroker: If you can’t sell your biz or have an exit plan, you don’t have a biz-you have a job #cmpmortgagesummit @gordmccallumMichelle Priest
Brokers need to specialize – Brokerages need to generalize #cmpmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
Traditional thinking: Broker = GeneralistNew thinking: Broker = Specialist and Brokerage = GeneralistBy @gordmccallum #CMPmortgagesummitMichelle Priest
Whatever you decide to do, make sure that it adds value to your client! #cmpmortgagesummitJackson Middleton
Awesome presentation by @gordmccallum Lots of good info #CMPmortgagesummitMichelle Priest
And that is it – sorry if I absolutely blew up your timelines! #cmpmortgagesummit is wrapping up – now for some Q&AJackson Middleton
Thanks to everyone at KMI Media for putting on the #cmpmortgagesummit – @CMPmagazine had a lot of fun at the event!Jackson Middleton
.@KiltedBroker is brilliant on Twitter! He really knows his stuff. Taught me a lot. Going to check out tweetadder. #CMPmortgagesummitMichelle Priest
Great to finally meet you at #CMPmortgagesummit @gordmccallum. Its amazing how long it actually took. See you tonight.Chris Karram
Day 2 now over at the #CMPmortgagesummit – heading back home, looking forward to implementing new ideas into my businessClaudio Santamaria
@KiltedBroker We are glad you enjoyed the show! #cmpmortgagesummitCMP Magazine
Well that’s a wrap at #cmpmortgagesummit! See you all at #CMA13 tonight. Cocktails start at 6 pm at The Liberty Grand.CMP Magazine
Good recharge at #cmpmortgagesummitSomu সমু Mondal
“@KiltedBroker: The announcer just let us know there will be no lunch today because "We had lunch yesterday" #cmpmortgagesummit” #rudeEmily Ching