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Dealing with Mortgage Payment Difficulties | Scott Dawson
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Are you behind on your mortgage and concerned about the possibility of losing your home?

As your mortgage broker I understand that your home is the single most important investment you may ever make. Unfortunately, sometimes people may encounter financial difficulties which affects their ability to make regular mortgage payments.

Follow these steps at the first signs of trouble in your financial situation. The problem isn’t likely to go away and may only get worse if not dealt with quickly.

  • Contact your lender immediately – There may be options available to you. By working together you and your lender can help find the best solution.
  • Contact your mortgage broker – as a 3rd party a mortgage broker can provide you with sound unbiased advice.
  • Define your financial situation – Consult with a financial planner and develop a budget. If you don’t know a financial planner I would be more than happy to recommend one.
  • If your mortgage is CMHC insured you may have additional programs available to you. CMHC provides lenders with tools and the flexibility to make timely decisions when working with you find a solution to your unique financial situation.

    The PDF information sheet below outlines further:

    CMHC Dealing With Mortgage Payment Difficulties

    If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me by any of the methods below or leave a comment.

    Phone: (778) 668-9320
    Email: [email protected]
    Twitter: @sdd