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For those who have been watching the events unfold in Japan over the past week you have probably really started to consider, how I have, that we may not be prepared for a disaster of that magnitude should something similar happen in Vancouver.

I have compiled a list of resources that will help you and your family become better prepared. If you have any links or information that you think would be a useful addition to this post please leave a comment.

Vancouver’s Emergency Preparedness Program offers workshops and videos to help you become better prepared.

Vancouver Emergency Social Services a volunteer program which helps with the various needs of evacuees in a disaster or emergency situation. Services include food, clothing, lodging, personal services, family reunification for evacuees, personal services and other specialized needs in a disaster.

Business owners and individual volunteers may be able to participate in their program by provide services and resources to people evacuated from their homes during an emergency.

Emergency Preparedness Booklet: The Los Angeles Fire Department has compiled a comprehensive Emergency Preparedness Booklet.

Emergency Preparedness Booklet