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Home Renovations That Add Value to Your Home [Infographic] | Scott Dawson
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If you’re one of the 4-in-10 Canadian homeowners that are planning significant renovations to their home in the next two years, this infographic shows what home renovations add the most value.

Home Renovations That Add Value to Your Home

Are you thinking about a home renovation?

While the majority of smaller projects like painting or new floors can more easily be paid for with savings. Larger projects such as a new kitchen or an addition can cost a lot of money. While most people from the Scotiabank Mortgage Landscape Poll plan to pay for their renovation with cash the remaining will need to borrow the money.

We can look at all your financing options, which may include getting an additional line of credit or reducing your monthly mortgage payments through refinancing so you have money on hand to finance the renovation. The goal is to keep your monthly payments low so you’re not cash strapped from your renovation.

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What to find out if refinancing for a home improvement makes sense for you?

Simply contact me for more information or to get approved.