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Earlier this year I made the switch from iPhone to Android. Those that know me from Twitter, know that I’m kind of a nerd when it comes to technology.

Even though I’ve had the Samsung S3 since last year, I’m still figuring out all the settings and features of the phone. One of my favorite’s is the ability to set your own call reject messages. This feature is perfect for when you’re in a meeting or somewhere else where you can’t answer your phone.

It’s a simple way of letting the caller know you saw they called, and you’ll call them back shortly. I find it a real timesaver as well because very rarely do people leave voice messages after receiving your text so you don’t have to bother calling in to retrieve them. You can simply call back your missed calls. You can also have a little fun with the reject messages, just like I did over the Victoria Day long weekend.

It’s Not All Business Around Here*

After tweeting about setting up call reject texts I had an @reply from a few people and the following question from Susan Rochefort, a REALTOR from Lime Green Realty in Red Deer, Alberta.

How to Set Call Reject Messages on a Samsung Galaxy S3


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