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ING Direct Vancouver Tweetup | Scott Dawson
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Last night I was downtown Vancouver at the ING Direct Vancouver Cafe for a Tweetup. In case you are wondering, a “Tweetup” is a social event where people who know each other from (mostly) social media come together to meet in person. A Tweetup is a great way to connect with the people in your network who you don’t normally get to see offline very often and share more than 140 characters at a time. A Tweetup is also a great way to meet some new people or finally get the chance to meet someone you’ve been following on Twitter.

Last night was the West Coast launch of the 2013 ING Direct Orange Scarf and Peter Aceto, CEO of ING Direct Canada was also in Vancouver for the event as well. A few of us in attendance were also lucky enough to receive our very own #OrangeScarf.

Scott Dawson Orange Scarf

The Hashtag for the evening was #INGMandT and many of the people attending were tweeting and posting pictures which I have curated below.

ING Direct Vancouver Meet & Tweet

#INGMandT April 18th, 2013

Storified by Scott Dawson· Fri, Apr 19 2013 07:08:22

Last night, the 2013 #OrangeScarf made a west-coast debut at the @OrangeYVR #INGMandT. Seems like everyone was a fan: ow.ly/kdPhxING DIRECT Canada
A great night last night @OrangeYVR. Thanks @HootClub for sending Owly!! #INGMandT – pic.twitter.com/Qcta5SX3lDJaime Stein
Great two days: #vug13 #smcrelaunch @Launch_Academy #INGMandT. And I still had to go to work @peer1.Ramon Vawda
@kat_drex So glad to finally meet IRL. Sorry we couldn’t chat longer 😐 Thanks for coming tonight 🙂 #INGMandTJaime Stein
@StanleyParkBrew Thanks for the great beer tonight for the #INGMandT @OrangeYVR.Jaime Stein
Good looking crew @OrangeYVR tonight: @meenasandhu @daveohoots @CEO_INGDIRECT #INGMandT – pic.twitter.com/HxtFoyMdLxJaime Stein
@amberturnau @daveohoots @boscoanthony @meenasandhu @kempedmonds @amuse_events @iamelectro @orangeyvr Awesome seeing y’all 🙂 #INGMandTJaime Stein
Thanks to @orangeyvr for an awesome #INGMandT you guys rock!James Karg
At my first #INGMandT with the ladies @amberturnau @Becmwatts @shannonrich @vickiehsieh & @redbeanbao! Loved the orange canucks jersey!Missy Shana
@ConnorMeaks Thanks for the chat and the Hoot koozie, Meaks! #INGMandTMissy Shana
Nice seeing you at #INGMandT @daveohoots @boscoanthony @meenasandhu @jaimestein @kempedmonds @Amuse_events @iamelectro @orangeyvrAmber Turnau
Learn so many things everytime I chat w/ @bcama’s Regina and Sarah, and @boscoanthony #INGMandTGerald Cruz
Last chance to submit your pictures with Owly! Tag #HootSuite + #INGMandT if you are at the @OrangeYVR #TweetUp! ^AKAlyssa Marie
ow.ly/i/1VlUn lots of love between HootSuite and ING tonight! Great times. #INGMandT. ^DKHootSuite Club
Just met @ceo_ingdirect with @amandach26 at #INGMandT! He’s determined to meet everyone :oMugwe Kiragu
Hanging out at #INGMandT @orangeyvr with the twitter command center! pic.twitter.com/qMbt90zMvMboscoanthony
Our #Social CEO @CEO_INGDIRECT thanking everyone for being at our Meet and tweet. ow.ly/i/1VlGx #INGMandTING DIRECT Café
Our Manager @meenasandhu welcoming everyone to our Meet and Tweet with @CEO_INGDIRECT ow.ly/i/1VlDh #INGMandTING DIRECT Café
Scarf exchange ceremony with @CEO_INGDIRECT & Dave from @hootsuite ow.ly/i/1VlAA #INGMandTING DIRECT Café
Scarf love with #Team #Orange, @meenasandhu @CEO_INGDIRECT & Dave from @hootsuite! ow.ly/i/1Vlyj #INGMandTING DIRECT Café
Great to connect with old friends and meet new ones @mozy19 @JohnBiehler @OrangeYVR #INGMandTPhoenix Lam
Awesome crowd here at #INGMandT @orangeyvr… @meenasandhu is our common denominatorAmber Turnau
Awesome time here @OrangeYVR #INGMandT pic.twitter.com/53azdIwfyAOrane Cheung
Fantastic event! Thank you for having us "@OrangeYVR: It’s a packed house here tonight for #INGMandT – ow.ly/i/1Vlqo"John Robertson
.@meenasandhu keeping it real at @orangwyvr #INGMandT pic.twitter.com/fHf8vyclJRSocial Media Network
It’s a packed house here tonight for #INGMandT – ow.ly/i/1VlqoING DIRECT CafĂ©
Say cheese! ow.ly/i/1Vlou #INGMandTING DIRECT Café
It’s a packed house for our #INGMandT in Vancouver at @OrangeYVR – ow.ly/i/1VloxING DIRECT Canada
@OrangeYVR you still there at #INGMandTCatherine Halkyard
MT @hootclub: At @OrangeYVR #INGMandT? Take a pic w/ Owly + tweet us. Tag #HootSuite, you might b lucky + get some #HootSwag.. be creative!ING DIRECT Café
At the @OrangeYVR #INGMandT? Take a picture w/ Owly + tweet us. Tag #HootSuite, you might be lucky + get some #HootSwag.. be creative! ^AKHootSuite Club
Owly from @hootsuite has arrived! ow.ly/i/1Vl8j #INGMandTING DIRECT Café
Glad to have @hootsuite in the house! ow.ly/i/1VkXY #INGMandTING DIRECT Café
Where is @iamelectro ? #INGMandT is waiting for you!Meena Sandhu
#INGMandT (@ ING CafĂ© – @superstarsaver w/ @boscoanthony) 4sq.com/17JZhXvJames Karg
It’s getting warm in here! Great to see so many faces 🙂 ow.ly/i/1VkV2 #INGMandTING DIRECT CafĂ©
So great to meet new people and see old friends at #INGMandT tonight @orangeyvrGerald Cruz
Checking out @orangeyvr for #INGMandT ! Lovely space!Social Media Network
At @orangeyvr ! Excited to be here #INGMandTDiana Chan
@orangeyvr Looks great team, wish we could join you! Have fun with #INGMandTING DIRECT Café
It’s really starting to fill up here at the Cafe for our Meet and Greet #tweetup w/ @CEO_INGDIRECT ow.ly/i/1VkLe #INGMandTING DIRECT CafĂ©
@meenasandhu Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it tonight to #INGMandT =( So sad! Have tons of fun & I’ll see you soon! #YVRfreeHubYing Ying Lee
Just showed up at #INGMandT w/ @CEO_INGDIRECT. pic.twitter.com/a7J71T7NpEScott Dawson
Meeting many of our community at our meet and tweet. #INGMandT ow.ly/i/1VkCWPeter Aceto
Hanging out with @ceo_ingdirect at #INGMandT pic.twitter.com/LWRP6ZHXGSboscoanthony
ow.ly/i/1Vkv5 we’re down @OrangeYVR for #INGMandT. Come say hi! ^DKHootSuite Club
Here for the #INGMandT networking is fun! pic.twitter.com/bXFwevcbxHboscoanthony
Officially an orange scarf ambassador @orangeyvr #INGMandT pic.twitter.com/9qtt8Yi3Viboscoanthony
Only one hour until the @OrangeYVR #TweetUp w/ @CEO_INGDIRECT. Bringing owls from our nest to yours! #INGMandT ^AKHootSuite Club
He can’t wait to meet you! #INGMandT @orangeyvr ^DKHootSuite Club
@hootclub We can’t wait to meet Owly! #INGMandTING DIRECT CafĂ©
#INGMandT @OrangeYVR let the tweets begin?boscoanthony
Looking forward to #INGMandT tonight!boscoanthony