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Beachaus I & II will be the first independently certified LEED® sustainable homes built in the White Rock / South Surrey area, both homes have been developed by InHaus Development Ltd. from the ground up to be the most efficient, livable and intelligent homes in the area. Through careful planning and construction that meets the standards of the CAGBC’s LEED® program upon completion, each will receive a final rating that will be permanently recorded by the Canadian Green Building Council.

Live Smart. Not Large

InHaus BeachHaus

The InHaus motto is “Live Smart, Not Large” and the homes at the Beachaus project will be by far the smartest homes in the White Rock area, says Dave DeBruyn, Principal with InHaus Developments.

Each Beachaus will also be a “smart home” is a house that uses the latest lighting, heating & cooling and audio video technology that will increase the operating efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of each home.

According to Mr. DeBruyn proper site orientation, higher-quality insulation and the benefits of building smart are up to a 90% reduction in energy used for heating & cooling, resulting in a 60-80% overall energy savings for the homeowner.

Smart for the Environment. Smart for your Wallet.

Energy-Efficient housing is also made more affordable with mortgage loan insurance from CMHC.

Through the environmentally friendly features to mortgage insurance CMHC offers. If you use CMHC insured financing to purchase an energy-efficient home like Beachhaus I & II, you’ll receive a 10% refund on the Mortgage Loan Insurance premium. You can also choose to have the added flexibility of an extended amortization (up to a maximum of 30 years) without a premium surcharge.

More information on the Beachaus I & II development can be found on their website.

If you would like further information on financing Energy-Efficient housing don’t hesitate to contact me.