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Lost & Found: Thank You Predator Ridge & Social Media | Scott Dawson
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Last week when I was invited to the Sun Life Financial Golf Industry Pro Series to speak on Social Media I wish I had this experience I just had with Predator Ridge Golf Course to share.

First a little background, prior to the August long weekend I was up in Kelowna for a couple of days with family and friends. On one of the days I was out golfing with my brother at Predator Ridge. The weather was perfect and we had a great day on the course even if my score didn’t reflect it.

After the 18th hole and checking our golf carts back in I discovered that I had lost my Driver Head Cover somewhere on the course. I waited for the next couple of groups to come back to see if someone had picked it up, but nobody had it. Instead of waiting around I just decided it was lost and since I was going home early the next day didn’t have time to drive back up and pick it up even if it was returned.

That’s where Social Media comes in. I noticed on my Twitter timeline that a good friend of mine Jeff Cieko (@CKGolfSolutions) was up in Kelowna. I remembered losing my head cover there a few weeks back and half-jokingly sent out the following Tweets.

Lost & Found

How My Driver Cover Was Returned With Just a Few Tweets

Storified by Scott Dawson · Tue, Aug 21 2012 16:14:12

View from the deck @predatorridge this morning http://ow.ly/i/RSexJeff Ciecko
@CKGolfSolutions Can you pickup my Burner Driver cover @predatorridge lost and found?Scott Dawson
@sdd Really?Jeff Ciecko
@CKGolfSolutions Yup. Lost it there just before the long weekend.Scott Dawson
Hey Nic, can you see if you have this & bring to dinner tonight? RT @sdd: Can you pickup my Burner Driver cover @predatorridge lost & found?Jeff Ciecko
@ckgolfsolutions There was a few in our Lost & Found @sdd & we have a white Burner Superfast 2.0 headcover coming your way. Or a blk/red?Predator Ridge
@predatorridge Black & Red. I wish I had a newer driver. 🙁 Thanks for passing it along to @ckgolfsolutions!Scott Dawson
@sdd It will be in the hands of @ckgolfsolutions later this evening :)Predator Ridge
@predatorridge @CKGolfSolutions Thank You!Scott Dawson

I’ve had so many great interactions with companies on Social Media and Predator Ridge (@predatorridge) is another one I’ll add to that list. It’s great to see a company engaged in Social Media and quickly able to help out a past client even for something as simple as returning a lost item with little monetary value.

I know where I’ll be golfing next time I’m in Kelowna. Thank you Predator Ridge!