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Mortgage Broker Poll: Top 3 Lenders | Scott Dawson
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As a mortgage broker I am continually evaluating where I place my deals and why. Typically, I don’t always chase the lowest rate in the market but instead focus on finding a mortgage with terms and conditions that “fit” a particular clients wants and needs. I do however place a large focus on the quality of relationships I am able to build with the lenders underwriters and BDM. This helps me in deciding which lenders I choose to deal with on a more frequent basis.

I’m always interested where other industry associates place their deals and why. Is it for the lowest rate? Do you like dealing with a particular underwriter? Is it for the compensation? I would love your input on who your top 3 lenders are and why.

If you don’t see a lender you prefer you can add it to the list. Please add any input you have on what is important for you when choosing a lender partner in the comments below.

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