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Mortgage Brokers vs Banks [Video] | Scott Dawson
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A while back I posted an Infographic comparing Mortgage Brokers vs Banks and it was about time I made an Explainer Video to show the benefits for all my Youtube Subscribers.

The Mortgage Dilemma: Mortgage Brokers vs Banks

When shopping for a mortgage, many consumers face the debate of going with their current financial institution or a using the services of a mortgage broker. I think you’ll clearly see from this Video it’s worth finding and working with a mortgage broker you feel confident has your best interests in mind.

Mortgage Brokers vs Banks Explainer Video

Thanks to fellow mortgage associate Michael Cameron for creating the original Infographic from which this video was based on. If you are a mortgage associate and want to share or embed this video on your website please feel free to do so. Brokerage branding was left off intentionally just for this reason.

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