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Plan To Blog | Scott Dawson
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The following is a guest post by a good friend of mine Ronda Payne (Eyben). Also known as @AGirlWithAPen on Twitter she shares some great tips for getting back on track with your neglected blog. With a decade and a half in marketing, Rhonda has the ability to naturally deliver the words that resonate with her customers while meeting their objectives for web pages, sales sheets, newsletters, direct mail, brochures and other projects.

Plan To Blog

I have a blog I’ve been ignoring for a while. Call it laziness or lack of time, I think it’s because my new website is coming and with it, the blog will relaunch. No matter the reason, I will do myself a favour if I follow the advice I give my blogging clients: Have a plan.

I understand that no time to blog = no time to plan, but here’s the thing, planning actually gives you time! Plus, you can get others to help. Sure, you could hire someone like me, but even better is getting friends, family and customers to help.

Here’s how to do it:
1) Decide how often you will blog (1x a week, 2x a month, etc.)
2) Build your plan’s structure and put blogging dates in one column with room for titles and notes in the second column – I suggest 6 months worth.
3) Fill in the titles you know you want to blog about along with one or two content points
4) When you’ve run out of titles and ideas – ask friends, family and customers what they want to hear about. Think about questions you’ve been asked related to your business then put those ideas in as titles with content points.
5) Sound simple? It is! Now you have a plan for 6 months of blog posts!

You can contact Rhonda through her company Eyben Connected Communications for more information on the services she provides.

T: 604-202-1049
E: [email protected]