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Ready Set Home: CMHC Mobile App [Video] | Scott Dawson
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CMHC has updated their consumer mobile app. Ready Set Home is a tool to help homebuyers, especially first-time homebuyers, make informed choices when buying a home. Ready Set Home offers tools to guide you to figure out how much you can comfortably afford to spend as well as keep track of all the details during your homebuying process.

Ready Set Home offers the following features:

  • My Profile: Keep track of the properties you are considering (includes a Home Features Checklist) as well as contact information for the professionals who will help you.
  • Mortgage Affordability Calculator: Helps you estimate the maximum mortgage you can afford.
  • Mortgage Payment Calculator: Helps you find out how much and how often your payment will be.
  • Homeowner Household Budget Calculator: Compares your income with your current or planned expenses and debt payments on a monthly basis.
  • A variety of articles on various topics related to homebuying as well as planning and managing your mortgage.
  • A glossary of the A to Z list of terms you need to know when buying a home.
  • Ready Set Home is a free download and can be downloaded for iPad and iPhone from the iTunes app store.