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RealScore | Scott Dawson
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Sasso Home Marketing Group has recently launched RealScore, an innovative property valuation service designed to help Sellers get an accurate and confidential reading on what the market thinks of their home – before it’s on the market.

I the opportunity to sit down with Pasquale Sasso prior to the launch of RealScore to learn a bit more about this new service offered to his clients.

Why create RealScore?

“Every Seller ultimately finds out what the market thinks of their home after it goes on the market,” says Pasquale. “However, properties not in line with market expectations take longer to sell and that can often have a depreciating effect on its perceived value. RealScore avoids that dilemma by capturing valuable market feedback when it matters most – before a home is on the market.”

What is RealScore?

“RealScore is a real estate scoring system where neighbours, open house attendees and the online community, comment on and rate the perceived value of a property based on its Location, Condition and Price – before it hits the market.” Sasso explains. “The resulting score produces an assessment of how the market values that property which when taken into consideration, provides a Seller with valuable and confidential market feedback to help sell their property much more quickly.”

What are the benefits of RealScore?

“RealScore also creates an exclusive opportunity for Buyers to preview properties before they’re on the MLS®, which gives them an edge over other Buyers relying solely on market listings.” Sasso adds. “Additionally, RealScore’s scoring mechanism creates savvier Buyers by providing them with a systematic method for assessing a property’s strength and weakness”

While RealScore helps Buyers and Sellers determine the optimum valuation, it also helps Neighbours have a say in property values in their area. Those who live close to the subject property and also attend a RealScore Open House event are given a heavier weighting on their scores, which in turn gives them a greater say in establishing property values. “Simply put, RealScore adds value for everyone involved.” Sasso concluded.

What are your thoughts on RealScore? If you were listing your home sale would you want to know your homes RealScore?