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This is a guide for the types of documents required to complete your mortgage application if you are Self Employed. I can make getting a mortgage easier for self employed borrowers and those with non-traditional income sources. My simplified mortgage financing and refinancing process is designed to meet your unique needs. I will work with you to collect the documentation and answer any of your questions along the way.

The following list is an excerpt from our Self Employed Borrowers Homebuyer’s Guide. The full guide is available for download and will educate you through the process of purchasing your home so you’ll be prepared every step of the way.

Common Documents Required For Self Employed Borrowers:

  • Income Tax Notice of Assessments (NOA) & T1 Generals

This is the form the government provides you when you file your income taxes. Lenders may require a 2 year average of line 150 of your NOA. Lenders are also increasing asking for T1 Generals with statement of business activities for 2 years (this must be prepared by an arm’s length third-party).

  • Proof of Down Payment

Three months worth of statements confirming any assets. Please ensure these statements contain your name, account information, and current balances.

  • Business for Self Confirmation

Confirmation of any one of the following written third party documents:
Business License.
GST/HST Return Summary.
Audited Financial Statement for the last 2 years, must be prepared and signed by a Certified Accountant.

  • Void Cheque

Pre Printed Void Cheque for the Account you would like your mortgage payments to be withdrawn from.

  • Solicitor Information

Firm name, Solicitor name, and full contact Information. If you currently do not have a solicitor, one can be recommended to you.

Keep in mind when I’m requesting additional documentation it is to either strengthen your application, receive a better interest rate or meet a specific condition required by the lender.

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