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The Real Estate Summit at Social Media week was a resounding success. There was upwards of 100 people who attended the event at Ceili’s Irish Pub in Vancouver to listen to the line up of speakers.

If you missed the event in person Lorraine Murphy (@raincoaster) live blogged the event for Socialized here.

The line up of speakers consisted of 6 Real Estate professionals and it was and honor to join these individuals to learn about the following topics:

Tom Everitt – Online Video For Your Real Estate Business
Debra Trappen – Managing/Harnessing Your Online Reputation and Recommendations Strategy
Kye Grace – Tracking Your Online Efforts with Google Analytics
Scott Dawson – Using Social Media To Build Relationships and Get Deals
Bocar Dia of HootSuite – Using Hootsuite.com For Your Real Estate Business
Cliff Stevenson – Virtualization of his Real Estate Business (outsourcing, wikis)

As you can see the room was packed and all the speakers delivered an informative 20 minute presentation.

Social Media WeekPhoto Credit: Stephen Jagger

For more photos of the event check out the Ubertor Facebook page.