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Switching Your Mortgage to Another Bank | Scott Dawson
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Not happy with your current banks mortgage renewal offer? Switching your mortgage to another bank is easy. Here’s how it works,

Is Switching Your Mortgage to Another Bank Easy?

YES! And switching your mortgage from your current bank can potentially save you thousands of dollars in interest.

What are the advantages of switching a mortgage?

There are many reasons to consider switching your mortgage but the main reason people switch is to receive more competitive interest rates and pre-payment privileges that better fit with your lifestyle.

What are the costs involved?

Assuming you aren’t refinancing and you are at the end of your term there will be absolutely no cost to you. We’ll cover the legal fees, appraisal fees and mortgage discharge fees charged by your current mortgage lender. Penalties can even be included in the switch amount. (*Some conditions apply)

Ready to switch your mortgage and save money?

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