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Things Underwriters Don’t Tell You [Video] | Scott Dawson
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I came across Merix Financial’s webinar, “Things Underwriters Don’t Tell You”, on YouTube this morning and wanted to share. While I’m not much of a live webinar fan, I think it’s great that Merix decided to post this to their YouTube Channel so I can watch at any time.

If you’re in the mortgage business it’s a good video to listen in on and learn what underwriters are looking for when you send them a deal. If you’re outside the business and want an inside look at a part of what mortgage brokers do when you apply for a mortgage and how we deal with lenders you might like it as well.

Things Underwriters Don’t Tell You

*Note: This webinar was originally recorded on 02/09/2012 so some of the policies discussed may have changed with new mortgage rules but the underlying message of what underwriters are looking for is still relevant (if not more so) today.