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Calgary Realtor Kelley Skar, shared a link via twitter recently to what is one of the best video tours I’ve seen from a Canadian Realtor.

There has been some high production value video tours done before but they are typically for high end properties and the sales price can somewhat justify the expense of production.

With today’s technology to create videos literally in our pocket the video below is what most Realtors create to show off a listing.

Boring Video Tour

While taking professional pictures and putting them together as a slideshow up on YouTube worked well in the past for marketing your listing online the fact remains you have only seconds to sell your home online, the ability to make your property stand out in this saturated medium is key.

If you are like me you probably clicked stop on that video after less than a minute.

That’s where Rockstar Homes Realtor, Brin Werrett (@Rockstarhomes on Twitter) kicked video tours to the next level.

Rockstar Video Tour

This video tour took of an expired listing and turned what would typically be a boring static slideshow, bucking traditional real estate marketing rules where listings should avoid anything personal that might dissuade potential buyers and instead turned it into a short lifestyle video that shows off the listing how potential homeowners would use the property.

The video garnered so much attention (currently over 1300 view on YouTube) the local news station picked up on the listing as well.

Just shows a little creativity and stepping outside the box can go a long way.