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Top 10 Mortgage/Real Estate/Finance people to follow on Twitter | Scott Dawson
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As many of you know I am a huge fan of Twitter. It has not only been instrumental in building my “personal brand” as a mortgage broker but more importantly, I have met a ton of individuals in various other professions that I can honestly say I wouldn’t have met without Twitter.

I have been actively tweeting since March 2009 under the name @sdd (which are my initials for those who have wondered) and have enjoyed all the discussions I have had with many of my followers.

Many of the people I follow are in the Mortgage/Real Estate/Finance business and I wanted to highlight some individuals in this area that I think many would benefit from following. Not just because they are in a similar industry as me but because they are bring more to the table and I have learned a great deal from all of them.

Below in no particular order are my Top 10 Mortgage/Real Estate/Finance people to follow:

@FinancialRunner One of my first followers. Gary is the person that got me hooked on Twitter and showed me the power of networking it can provide.

@TLCHome Teri has given me nothing but encouragement with all my business efforts. She get’s Social Media and I have learned a lot from her. (I also like that she let’s her husband @Avionicsman golf with me)

@KelleySkar A Realtor from Calgary this guy rocks the video blog. Catch up with him on YouTube too.

@PasqualeSasso Pasquale brings some great humor to the Real Estate industry.

@Kye_Grace Anybody that likes QR Codes as much as me deserves to be on this list.

@KathyStilwell Worth following for her daily motivational quotes alone.

@CareeBray a great women who I have had many opportunities to discuss business with online and off.

@KarenBoies We started in this business around the same time. It has been a pleasure talking about the ups and downs with Karen along the way.

@RebeccaPermack Rebecca was one of the first people I followed on Twitter. She’s a Coquitlam Realtor who’s definitely worth getting to know.

@604homesguy Matt knows his stuff when in comes to Vancouver real estate. Always good for a discussion in 140 characters or less.

Do you have a top 10 people to follow list?

Write up your list and do one of two things with it so we can all share in it:

1. leave it as a comment below
2. write it up on your blog or website and then leave a link to your list in comments below

Looking forward to seeing what influential people you follow.