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The VERICO Mobile Mortgage Office allows Verico mortgage agents to fill out mortgage applications with clients, view industry news and access mortgage calculators while on the go.

Accessing the Verico Mobile Office is available on the iPad or iPhone, BlackBerry OS 6 Devices, Google Android & Palm Pre devices. This review was completed using an iPad and navigation will be slightly different on the iPhone and other mobile devices due to the smaller screen size.

To access the Verico Mobile Office, go to www.verico.mobi on your mobile web browser.

Full Feature List:

  • Mortgage/Industry News
  • Verico News
  • Purchase Financing Calculator
  • Income Qualifier Calculator
  • Updated Interest Rates
  • Amortization Tables
  • Expense and Payment Charts
  • Lender Contact Directory (BDMs)
  • Lender Products
  • Filogix Mortgage Application (VERICO Members Only)

This welcome screen is the launching point of the Verico Mobile Office. Displayed on the left is and the remainder of the features are accessed with buttons on the right. The mortgage rates displayed are updated automatically but don’t take into account any additional rate discretion or specials offered from time to time by lenders.
Verico Mobile Office Welcome Screen

The mortgage calculators feature, Mortgage Payment, Purchase Financing & Income Qualifiers. A great tool to use while on the road.
Mortgage Payment

Mortgage Payment Calculators

Income Qualifying
Income Qualifying Calculators

Purchase Financing
Purchase Financing Calculators

Lender Contacts provides phone and email contact information for most lender BDM’s.
Lender Contacts

Lender Products offers online broker guides which outlines policies on various programs offered by the lenders as well as minimum beacon requirements, LTV and TDS/GDS ratios. Great in a pinch if you can’t remember the specifics of a lenders policy for specific files.
Lender Products

The Verico Dynamics button you see on the bottom right links to Verico’s custom built CRM. Verico Members will soon have access to all their clients information on their mobile device through Verico Dynamics.