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What is a Google +1? [Video] | Scott Dawson
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Lately, I’ve been all over Google+. Maybe it’s just me but it comes across as a more professional and educational social platform than say, Facebook. I’m actually not spending much time on Facebook anymore and have pretty much switched off all notifications that come from over there.

What I like best about Google+ are the Communities and Hangouts.

There is Communities for every topic that you can imagine. I’ve joined some that are both professional mortgage topics and also a few other things I enjoy.

I use Hangouts to connect with other mortgage associates and industry professionals across Canada on a weekly show called, Canadian Mortgage Hangout TV and have also used a one-on-one Hangout to connect with clients.

Another feature of I find very useful is the +1 button. Here’s an example:

The Google +1 button is a social sharing button similar to the Facebook Like button that will allow logged in Google users to recommend a website, service or advertisement. Friends of the Google user will then see that their friend or contact recommended a link in the search results of Google. This makes it very handy when searching for a product of service. If someone I’m connected with recommends something it’s probably worth looking further at.

Here’s a great explainer video on just how the +1 button works:

Are you on Google+ yet? What’s your favorite feature?