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What’s the best five year fixed rate?” – It’s the number one question from borrowers that contact us. While there’s more to consider with your mortgage than just rate, the rate is a starting point for many borrowers.

Since the majority of Canadians (Over 60%!) choose a 5 year fixed rate mortgage, we thought it would make sense to offer our clients a website that compares the most popular mortgage mortgage term in Canada from multiple lenders.

What is FiveYearFixed.ca?


We’ve setup the FiveYearFixed.ca website to do one thing and one thing only. Provide British Columbia’s Best Five Year Fixed Mortgage Rates. Period.

Rates on Five Year Fixed Rate Mortgages in Canada change daily. When deciding on what Five Year Fixed Rate to advertise we survey the lending market in Canada each morning and provide the best Five Year Fixed Rates on our homepage based on the following factors: low rates, flexible pre-payment privileges, and rate hold periods.

We NEVER advertise No-Frills mortgages. We believe you should always have every opportunity to pay down your mortgage faster with competitive pre-payment privileges and not be hand-cuffed to a mortgage that you can only get out of if you sell your home.

While the Five Year Fixed Rates shown on the FiveYearFixed.ca homepage might not be the “lowest” advertised rates you’ll see on the market, we use our experience and knowledge to offer our clients what we consider some of the BEST Five Year Fixed Rate Mortgage based on the factors listed above.

Who’s FiveYearFixed.ca for?

FiveYearFixed.ca is aimed at the mortgage borrower who is looking for a five year fixed rate mortgage. The rates advertised are for typical residential mortgages for applicants with good credit and are able to provide full income verification. (If you fit outside this box we can still help!, just contact us.)

We’ve also found that FiveYearFixed.ca is very popular with clients who have mortgages up for renewal and want to switch their mortgage to obtain a better rate than what their current lender is offering. Since FiveYearFixed.ca is based completely online borrowers can obtain a mortgage from the comfort of their own home which means, no banks to visit or appointments to make. Best of all, the FiveYearFixed.ca services are FREE!

Who’s behind FiveYearFixed.ca?

We are! After having worked for many years in the mortgage industry, I decided it was time to offer borrowers something better than just the lowest Five Year Fixed Rate Mortgage offered by the majority of other online rate comparison sites. While the majority of Canadians choose a Five Year Fixed Term, I’ve always been an advocate of looking past just the rate and have helped many Canadians become mortgage free faster by finding them the best Five Year Fixed Mortgage which balances low rates, pre-payment features and privileges to help them pay off their mortgage sooner.