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Why I Unsubscribed From Your Email List | Scott Dawson
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I’ve had enough. I’m unsubscribing to all email marketing lists. I can’t take it anymore. To the honest companies/individuals who’s email newsletters I’ve signed up for in the past, I’m sorry but I’m unsubscribing from your emails as well. It’s not personal. I’m just tired of having to weed through a stuffed email inbox and a daily barrage of emails throughout the day to find the important emails.

Spammers have ruined it for everyone.

It all started with a Tweet yesterday after I received yet another unsolicited email newsletter from some company I can’t even remember who it was since I deleted it without even opening it.

Shortly after I had four responses:

I’m also tired of receiving the solicited ones as well. One of my goals this year has been to “Simplify” my business. It’s starting with my inbox. On a typical morning I start the day checking an inbox with upwards of 15-20 emails. Most of them end up being email marketing that goes straight into the trash.

Then once 9am hits I start to receive emails from the various lenders I work with emailing their rate sheets, policy changes and newsletters. Lenders also communicate clients mortgage file updates via email and in my business, my clients come first. If I have to weed through a full inbox to find the one or two important ones I think it’s a waste of my time.

You’re probably thinking why not just setup a separate email account or rules and use it to signup and organize marketing emails? I tried and it didn’t work. I end up going to a networking event or hand out my business card and some unscrupulous individual takes that as permission to add my business email to their marketing list. Apparently they are unaware of Canada’s Spam Act.

If you’ve noticed that I’ve unsubscribed to your email newsletter recently it’s not personal. I’m just focusing on providing fast responsive service to my clients and referral partners and am using my email more efficiently.

I still enjoy great content.

I have found that reading great content on my own time/terms via RSS has been a much more effective avenue for me.

If you are an individual/business that I have subscribed via email to in the past that blogs or shares valuable information that you think I may be interested in please leave a comment with a link to your website and I’ll check it out.

One email, one inbox. Simplify.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.